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Anaki Rocks the City! So Shiok 2018

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Fall Before Rise

Anaki Rocks the City!




A female fronted Lion-city band comprising Zamir and Hakim (guitar), Hikmah (bass), Dan (drums) and Fefa (vox).

Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Hey guys ! We started early 2017 and met our members through a club at ITE College Central. We make music about life and hope to capture the heart of our listeners.

The name Fall Before Rise sends a message. Care to elaborate?

We hope to pass the message to our listeners about never giving up - when you fall to the ground, always pick yourself up and keep moving forward. We fall before we rise!

Why do you think people relate to your music?

Hikmah: Our music is written mostly based on our everyday life. We hope that our audience will understand how we go through as a band through our music. It's also not always about music, its about having fun too!

You guys met a school. Tell us what’s your favourite thing about growing up in Singapore?

The multi-racial society and especially the food! Yummm!

Fast forward to 2040. Where do you see yourselves?

FBR: We will probably be married and have children. Hopefully, our band will still be active! We also hope that our band will become a role model for the generations ahead.

Kim: I would love for my kids to play music too!

A family jam sound cool. Give us 3 words that best describe your band?

Unique. Energetic. Menggila. People always use 'menggila' to describe our set, which means crazy or wild in the Malay language.

Anaki Rocks The City So shiok 2018

Catch Fall Before Rise at Anaki Rocks the City So Shiok 2018, 24 - 25 March Dhoby Ghaut Green Amphitheatre. Anaki Rocks the City is our big up to the diverse yet undiscovered talent on our home soil – the underground, the overlooked and the cool people who don't conform to an artistic norm. More importantly, it has the ability to transcend race, nationality, gender, genre or any divisive label. Anaki Rocks the City is open to and free for all to attend. There are absolutely no tickets sold. Because together, we are are the anthem.

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