Welcome to Anaki Records

A Great Place to Get Creative

1,200 sqft of space for anything your mind can imagine

Top Notch Gear

Marshall JCM 800 Heads & Cabs, Hartke HL1000 Head and Cab, Mapex Orion kit and all you need to produce great sounds.

Big Sounds Get Bigger

Amplify your sound through the Midas M32R, Yamaha DSR 115 FOH, 4 X Yamaha DSR 112 mons and Yamaha DSR118 subs.


The Basics


Limited to 8 persons; excludes FOH, subs, mons 

Enjoy $12 off with each 3hr session.

The Pros




Inclusive of FOH, subs, mons + Midas board

For bookings and enquiries, please text or whatsapp +65 96536220